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"Druid" was a kind of pagan "priest" and that Druidism was a pagan "religion.".Walking the Druid path as individuals in modern society, we are faced with one encumbering impediment: How do we devise a way of worship which emulates the feelings already embedded within our hearts? By following our hearts and studying the history of our predecessors we can reconstruct enough to give us a solid basis in which to build our own philosophy our own Druidism. Druidism is far from what most people would expect in todays society. These assumptions are made blindly and without just cause. With an open mind and a little reading one can easily find the reason why we choose to follow Druidic philosophy today.

As Druids we affirm to support and assist all attempts by society to teach and inculcate the principles of friendship and brotherly love. As Druids we oppose all subversion and ill influence in its every form, towards the laws of God(s), mankind, and our Country. Druidism is a way of life, a system of morality, and a Fraternal brotherhood of Social, Moral, and Spiritual standards. Although not a religion, Druids have religious values which stem from the belief in the Almighty Creator and asserts faith in the supreme power of the universe, the brotherhood of man, and the immortality of the soul. Druidism is by nature, Educational.

The philosophies of Druidism teach us that the light of intelligence will out way and dissolve the darkness of superstition and ignorance, which still blinds humanity today. Service to humanity is an important factor in the life and character of a Druid. Preserving our nations waterways, forests and wildlife, as well as helping with our pollution problems in general. In all, Druids are dedicated to the principles of respecting and nurturing the dignity of man, friendship, charity, belief in the fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of mankind.

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