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Tantra is a contraction of the sanskrit words "tanotti" and "trayotti," meaning "expansion to liberation." It is a rich practical science, divided into numerous systems, each suited to a different human personality type. Each system of authentic tantra utimately reveals spontaneous and primordially pure enlightenment. Tantra is a spiritual art of love...of connecting spirit with form. It is experiencing love through through the beauty of the earth and all existence. It is about acceptance, rather than denial. It also embraces compassion...about truth within unconditional love.

Tantra offers a holistic aid in life for the modern person. Aid in life refers to all influences helpful in releasing personal restrictions, pain, suffering, limiting thought and behaviour patterns, disadvantageous ties to past childhood experiences and life history. The result is a higher quality of life and more joy in living. Concretely, this can mean finding a new life partner in a seminar who is standing at a similar stage of development. Or a transformation in life towards more awareness and a fulfilling sexuality through learning and practising Tantra rituals. 


What is the Goal of Tantra?

Enlightenment is the goal of every practice in authentic Tantra. Tantra includes meditation, exercise, sexuality, ritual, visualization, performance, dream awareness, more - in short, all activities in the realm of human experience, but performed in a special way, so as to bring about the practitioners awareness of their own enlightened nature, then continually amplify and extenf that awareness into mundane life.

The one who has come this far experiences temporary or sustained enlightenment. Enlightenment is nothing more than the recognition of what is eternally constant, unchangeable. There is no difference anymore between self-awareness and the realisation of God. The unity, the original goal, has been reached. Life pulsates in initial purity. Nothing is separate or different. The external mirrors the internal. Illusions have lost their might to bind the soul. The soul is free-flying. There are no more words, no imagination, no pictures. In the awareness only the shapeless behind and in all forms is still there.

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