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Master Course In Hoodoo & Rootwork

Master Course In Hoodoo & Rootwork

Course Content Duration: 30

Course Duration 30 Hours

This course is designed for those who seek to deeply understand and practice this powerful spiritual tradition. Across 8 meticulously crafted modules, you'll explore everything from Hoodoo's rich historical roots to the nuanced art of crafting magical tools and connecting with the spiritual realm.

What Sets Our Course Apart:

  • Uncounted Spell Recipes: Dive into an extensive collection of Hoodoo spell recipes, gathered from traditional sources and master practitioners. Whether you're looking to attract love, prosperity, protection, or spiritual insight, our course offers uncounted recipes for you to learn and master.
  • Flexible Practice Classes: Understanding that mastery comes with practice, we offer as many practice classes as you need. These sessions are designed to hone your skills, allowing you to apply what you've learned in a supportive and enriching environment.
  • Certification of Completion: Upon fulfilling the course requirements, students will receive a certification, recognizing their knowledge and skill in Hoodoo and Rootwork. This certificate serves as a testament to your dedication and expertise in this spiritual practice.
  • Comprehensive Course Materials: In addition to the interactive lessons and practice sessions, students will be provided with detailed PDF notes for each module. These notes are designed to support your learning and serve as a valuable reference as you continue your practice beyond the course.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Introduction to Hoodoo

  • The Roots of Hoodoo: Explore Hoodoo's African origins and its evolution through cultural exchanges in the American South.
  • Hoodoo vs. Voodoo: Clarify the distinctions and connections between Hoodoo and Voodoo, setting the foundation for deeper understanding.

Module 2: Foundations of Hoodoo Practice

  • Cultural Influences: Examine the melting pot of African, Native American, and European traditions that shape Hoodoo.
  • Modern Hoodoo: Discover how Hoodoo adapts to contemporary life, maintaining relevance across generations.

Module 3: Spiritual Practices in Hoodoo

  • Spiritual Baths and Cleansing: Learn about spiritual baths, their ingredients, and their significance in purification and protection.
  • Petitions, Psalms, and Prayers: Dive into the power of spoken and written words in Hoodoo for manifesting desires and invoking divine support.

Module 4: Hoodoo Rituals and Timing

  • Techniques, Timings, and Rituals: Understand the critical importance of timing in Hoodoo rituals for maximizing efficacy.
  • Altar Creation: Guidance on setting up personal Hoodoo altars for worship, offering, and spellwork.

Module 5: The Magic of Hoodoo Tools

  • Hoodoo Candles, Herbs, and Incenses: An in-depth look at the materials central to Hoodoo practices, detailing their uses and meanings.
  • Oils, Potions, and Powders: Master the art of creating Hoodoo concoctions for various purposes, from love to protection.

Module 6: Advanced Hoodoo Techniques

  • Hoodoo Dolls and Graveyard Magic: Explore the creation and use of dolls for influence and healing, and the respectful practice of graveyard magic.
  • Foot Tricks and Crossroads Magic: Delve into the secretive world of foot track magic and the potent crossroads rituals.

Module 7: Connecting with Spirits

  • Communicating with the Ancestors: Techniques for establishing and nurturing connections with ancestral spirits for guidance and support.
  • Divination Methods in Hoodoo: Learn various Hoodoo divination methods, including bone reading and scrying, for insight and decision-making.

Module 8: Living Hoodoo

Ethical Considerations and Daily Practice: Discuss the ethical aspects of Hoodoo and how to integrate this practice into daily life, ensuring respect for its origins and traditions.

Conclusion and Continuing Your Journey: Reflect on the journey through Hoodoo and Rootwork, with guidance on continuing personal growth and practice beyond the course.

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this course is tailored to empower you with a deep understanding and hands-on experience in Hoodoo and Rootwork. Join us on this spiritual journey to unlock the secrets of this powerful practice and harness its magic in your life. With our comprehensive resources, flexible practice opportunities, and the promise of certification, you're set to embark on a transformative path that honors the tradition's roots while evolving with you.

Anyone interested in the divine arts and occult cannot be enrolled as a student of Wicca India. Based on the Gurukul system, prospective students are mindfully analysed for their interest in Paganism, Magick and Occultism before being accepted as a mentee of Dr Kotiya, who is the high priestess of Wicca India. Once accepted, students traverse through various levels of study and practise to fully comprehend the nuances of the craft and effectively execute the rituals and traditions.

Interested persons may contact Wicca India Founder/Mentor Dr Madhu Kotiya to find out if they qualify to be student of Wicca India: School of Magick & Occult Sciences. The courses are available online via video conferencing as well.

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