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Comprehensive Vastu Shastra: From Beginner to Expert (16 Directions)

Comprehensive Vastu Shastra: From Beginner to Expert (16 Directions)

Course Content Duration: 5 Days

Duration: 10-12 Classes

Location: Zoom Live or In person at the South Delhi Office

You will be provided with PDF notes and a Certificate of Completion will be given.



  • Module 1: Introduction to Vastu Shastra

    • The history and origins of Vastu Shastra

    • The significance of Vastu in modern times

    • Principles and concepts of Vastu Shastra

    • The Five Elements (Panchbhootas)

    • The 16 Directions (Shodasha Dikpalas)

    • Introduction to Vastu Purusha Mandala


  • Module 2: Understanding the 16 Directions

    • Significance of each direction and their ruling deities

    • Characteristics and attributes of the 16 directions

    • Importance of balancing directional energies

    • The impact of directions on various aspects of life


  • Module 3: Residential Vastu – Part 1

    • Importance of site selection and plot characteristics

    • Soil testing and plot orientation

    • Vastu guidelines for constructing a home

    • Planning entrances and exits based on the 16 directions


  • Module 4: Residential Vastu – Part 2

    • Room allocation and interior design principles based on the 16 directions

    • Kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom placements

    • Balancing energies in the home

    • Vastu remedies for common residential issues


  • Module 5: Commercial Vastu

    • Vastu principles for offices, shops, and commercial buildings

    • Selecting the right location and orientation for business growth

    • Designing the layout for maximum productivity and harmony

    • Vastu tips for specific industries and sectors


  • Module 6: Vastu for Gardens and Landscaping

    • Understanding the role of green spaces in Vastu

    • Planning and designing gardens according to the 16 directions

    • Selection of plants and trees for a Vastu-compliant garden

    • Water bodies and their placement in the landscape


  • Module 7: Vastu Remedies and Corrections

    • Identifying and diagnosing Vastu problems

    • Traditional Vastu remedies and their applications

    • Modern Vastu solutions and tools

    • Balancing energies with color, light, and sound therapies


  • Module 8: Becoming a Vastu Expert

    • Developing intuition and sensitivity towards Vastu energies

    • Practical case studies and real-world applications

    • Ethical considerations for Vastu practitioners

    • Building a successful Vastu consultancy business

Anyone interested in the divine arts and occult cannot be enrolled as a student of Wicca India. Based on the Gurukul system, prospective students are mindfully analysed for their interest in Paganism, Magick and Occultism before being accepted as a mentee of Dr Kotiya, who is the high priestess of Wicca India. Once accepted, students traverse through various levels of study and practise to fully comprehend the nuances of the craft and effectively execute the rituals and traditions.

Interested persons may contact Wicca India Founder/Mentor Dr Madhu Kotiya to find out if they qualify to be student of Wicca India: School of Magick & Occult Sciences. The courses are available online via video conferencing as well.

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