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Witchcraft 101

Witchcraft 101

Course Content Duration: 2-3 Months

Duration: 1 Year (52 Classes)

Location: Zoom Live or In person at the South Delhi Office

You will be provided with PDF notes and a Certificate of Completion will be given.

Note: This course has a selective admission process. We evaluate prospective students' energy and conduct a telephonic interview to determine eligibility. To schedule an interview for admission, please contact us on WhatsApp.


  • Casting and Enhancing Spells with different methods

  •  Performing Rituals

  •  Use Moonology to enhance spells

  •  Learn about different traditions

  •  Learn to use the power of 4 elements to perform magick

  •  Tap into infinite power of the Universe to perform magick

  •  Magickal tools and different altars

  •  All about Magickal Circles

  •  All about charms, amulets, mojo bags 

  • Kitchen Witchery

Anyone interested in the divine arts and occult cannot be enrolled as a student of Wicca India. Based on the Gurukul system, prospective students are mindfully analysed for their interest in Paganism, Magick and Occultism before being accepted as a mentee of Dr Kotiya, who is the high priestess of Wicca India. Once accepted, students traverse through various levels of study and practise to fully comprehend the nuances of the craft and effectively execute the rituals and traditions.

Interested persons may contact Wicca India Founder/Mentor Dr Madhu Kotiya to find out if they qualify to be student of Wicca India: School of Magick & Occult Sciences. The courses are available online via video conferencing as well.

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