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Basic Spell Casting

Spells are powerful rituals. They are a form of communication between humans and spirits, a plea for intervention or a request for events either good or evil. To cast a spell is to ask for control over your life, or to ask the inhabitants of the spiritual world to influence the thoughts and deeds of others.

Casting a spell is ceremonial. To cast a spell, you would use objects--referred to as tools--such as candles, amulets or charms, incense and oils, and matter belonging to the subjects of your spell, if appropriate.

When you cast a spell, you enter a meditative state. Having created an environment that aids in your concentration, you would then be able to focus your mental and spiritual energies on the chant, directing these energies to appeal to the spiritual beings.


The best environment for casting spells is in a psychically clean space. It is private; there is a lock of some kind at the entrance. The space may be anything from your kitchen table to a clearing in the woods, but it will have been "cleansed" by a ring of salt.

Spell casters often have a Book of Shadows. This is a journal of spells and rituals that work for them. Keep your journal in a safe place and when performing a spell, place it before your altar. This allows you to read the spell, and the book helps keep the space "clean."

On your altar will be at least one appropriately colored candle, a bowl to hold oil, an incense burner and a bowl made of earth, wood or clay to hold salt. If you have a charm or amulet, place it on your altar as well.

There are five basic types of spells: white, red, green, purple and black.

White spells are helpful spells. These are used for promoting sleep, dispelling illness, or protection against black spells, among other things.

Red spells involve love and sex. These spells are concerned with romance, marriage and the strengthening of relationships.

Green spells are directed at making money or acquiring jobs, managing wealth or protecting against thievery.

Purple spells are used to control darker forces. Unlike black spells, which invoke the dark forces, purple spells call on powerful spirits to manipulate those that may be working against you.

Black spells are the most dangerous. They are used to cause harm to others. To cast a black spell, you usually need a lock of hair, a toenail or fingernail of the person to whom you are directing the spell.

The candle or candles used should be of the same color as the type of spell you wish to cast. The oil you use should also be derived from the appropriate herb. For example, if you were going to cast a protection spell, a white candle and oil of thyme would be used.

Beyond the tools, however, is the chant itself. Chants are poems; they rhyme and are arranged in stanzas. The words are designed to invoke the desired spirits or send psychic vibrations into the universe.

Such basic spell casting as described here serves to focus your energies to resolve issues or bring forth desired events in your life. The act of casting a spell is empowering. Once you reach a state of absolute focus, a meditative state, your mind becomes a powerful tool. You visualize the desired results. Within your mind, your request has become reality.


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