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Moon Magic

The magic of the Moon is an essential and important part of the Wicca religion. Magic rituals are by and large performed by the moon phases which are known as the Maiden (waxing), the Mother (full) and the Crone (Waning) – all believed to be the faces of the Goddess.
The New Moon is excellent for spells that are related to starting new projects, increasing abundance and healing.
The Full Moon is good for healing rituals, protection spells and finishing off projects.The Full Moon is when the moon is completely in the suns light and appears in her round silvery luminance. This is when the sun, Earth, and moon line up in that order and on the same line. That is, the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, so the moon appears as a full, round, brilliant disc. It is during the full moon is when lunar energy is at its most intense. This ffects the ocean tides, animals, plant growth, and human behavior. Magic workings are especially potent at this time.
The Waning Moon is perfect for clearing, cleansing, banishing and divination spells.The Waning Moon is when the Moon declines in size from just after the Full Moon to just before complete darkness.The moon first appears with large brightness and gradually decreases into a large crescent with continues to diminish until only a thin sliver of crescent moon is left.

The three nights before the New Moon are known as the Dark of the Moon. As energies are uncertain and unpredictable at this time, casting spells in this period is not advised.

The moons energy is cool, silvery-bright, and feminine. It has been known since ancient times that the moon has an affect on the tides on lakes and the high seas, on plant growth, animals, and human behavior. The moon rules over the life-giving liquids of our own bodies, such as the menstrual cycle and the cardiovascular system. As the moon affects us physiologically, the energy of the lunar cycle fluctuates our emotional responsiveness and our psychic energies. Thus, it is for this reason that the moon has a direct influence on magical and spiritual workings. This is why focused emotion energizes magic. It is, in fact, redirected energy. Because of the cyclical nature of the month, the timing of magical workings (spells) should be cöordinated to that phase of the moon that is in harmony with the intent or purpose of the spell.

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